“Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change “
– Arthur Burt 

Now offering in person sessions with all COVID-19 necessary safety precautions,
as well as Telehealth through a secure HIPPA compliant platform.

 Do Any of These Scenarios Resonate With You:

  • Your relationship just doesn’t make you as happy as it used to. You find yourself feeling so easily irritated with your partner and realize you can’t remember the last time you had fun together, laughed together or had sex

  • You are drained from arguing with your partner ALL the time. Or at least it feels all you do is argue lately. The smallest disagreements seem to blow up into huge fights. You spend more time exchanging harsh angry words to each other than nice words. You feel like your partner never “gets it” or even bothers to understand your point of view.

  • Your blended family looks like the “The Brady Bunch” to outsiders. But behind closed doors, you are struggling to figure out how to connect with your stepchild, and constantly feeling divided loyalties between your partner and your biological child.

  • Your world has just been rocked by finding out your partner had an affair or lied to you about something significant. It makes you want to scream with anger and cry with grief all at the same time. You can’t imagine how your relationship can possibly survive this.


  • You can’t turn your brain off at night. You get through your busy day on autopilot, at work or busy with the kids. But when you finally lie down at night exhausted, the worry feels overwhelming, and you run all sorts of worst case scenarios in your head.

  • You don’t know how you will handle that change in your life-that new job you wanted, that divorce you didn’t want, or your oldest leaving for college. Each morning, you lie in bed trying to muster up the energy and motivation to start your day.

  • You know you need to make some changes in your life, but you don’t have the time or the energy, and you don’t know where to start.

Life is hard and constantly changing, and often in our lives and in our relationships, we reach a crossroads.  So many things seem out of our control.  But YOU have the power to impact change in your own life.

When you decide to make changes within yourself, growth will follow.


I work with couples with relationship and family issues,
and individuals struggling with life transitions, depression or anxiety. I don’t want to just put a band-aid on what is happening now; I want to teach you skills to last a lifetime. My clients learn skills to speak and listen more effectively, manage conflict, and maintain emotional and physical intimacy. They learn to stop waiting for their partner to change and to start looking at their own contributions to the relationship.

I teach individuals how to deal effectively with their difficult emotions. My clients learn to manage their emotions in a healthy way, without bottling them up or letting them overwhelm their lives. They learn skills that allow them to move forward during life’s toughest changes, and take control over their own lives.
Taking the first step can be hard! But I am here to help.



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