BLENDED COUPLES: Relationships are hard enough, but relationships that include exes or stepchildren have so many more complex layers. Being part of a blended family myself, I have a passion and unique understanding of what you are going through. Acting as a neutral third party, I will teach you communication and conflict management skills to apply to these unique issues…….. click here to see how I can help

PRE-MARTIAL or MARRIED COUPLES: At any stage of a relationship, it is hard work! You may be in a newer relationship and thinking about taking the next step in your commitment to each other. You may be in a new stage of your relationship, such as growing your family. You may be experiencing a crisis in your relationship, or you may be in a long-term relationship. At any of these stages, we often put our relationship on auto pilot. Working collaboratively, I help you learn how to be conscious and deliberate with your relationship, and prioritize working on effective communication and increase connection……. click here to see how I can help 

INDIVIDUALS: We so often feel stuck at different points in our lives. Stuck in unfulfilling jobs, unsatisfying relationships or maybe just stuck in cycles of depression or anxiety that leave us unable to achieve the things we want out of life…….. click here to see how I can help

GROUPS: It is easy to feel so alone and isolated when you’re struggling with life transitions that bring its own unique complexities and  challenges.You may be going through a separation or divorce, or maybe re-marriage into a blended family. You may have the support of your family or friends, but if they haven’t been through these experiences, you may find yourself thinking that no one truly understands. There is such power and healing in sitting in a room with people who have been through similar experiences and who truly “get it!”…….. click here to see how I can help