We so often feel stuck at different points in our lives. Stuck in unfulfilling jobs, unsatisfying relationships or maybe just stuck in cycles of depression or anxiety that leave us unable to achieve the things we want out of life. Some of the ways I can help include:

  • NAVIGATING TRANSITIONS– Change is inevitable. Whether it is a change we choose for ourselves, or one that life threw our way, it can still be difficult. When faced with changes such as separation, divorce, job changes or a new stage in your relationship or parenting,  you likely are feeling a lot of emotions that can rollercoaster from excitement about something new to pure terror in the blink of an eye. Or, you may feel furious at life for throwing you this curveball you never wanted or expected. 

I can help you work through these new and often scary times by  processing all of these conflicting emotions. I offer an unbiased ear as you think through possible pros and cons and make tough decisions about new phases of your life, ultimately learning how to move forward in a positive healthy way to the next chapter.

  • COPING WITH DEPRESSION/ANXIETY– We all feel depressed or anxious at times; in today’s stressful and busy world, it is common for even the most driven and highly productive person to feel overwhelmed with sadness or worry. You are likely feeling that your sadness or worry may even be debilitating. You are struggling to feel motivated many days to accomplish all you need to. You have so many goals you want to achieve, but you feel like you can’t get out of your own way sometimes, and the determination and drive just isn’t there. There are so many things in your life that you can’t control, and you spend endless amounts of time focusing on them and worrying about what tomorrow will bring. I help you discover how irrational thoughts may be contributing to your emotions.

I can help you move from unhealthy patterns of thinking, such as black and white thinking, to healthy, mindful thoughts that allow you to shift your focus on things you can control. I help you move away from some possible unhealthy coping skills you may be using to manage your depression or anxiety, such as overeating, drinking or even too much retail therapy. I help you develop a healthy tool kit with a variety of coping skills.

  • MANAGING EMOTIONS– Emotions have a lot of influence over our behaviors, but many people were never taught how to even name their emotions, let alone  to manage them effectively. And it is a learned skill. How did your parents or caregivers handle it when you were sad, angry or fearful as a child? How they did  inform how you think about and deal with your own emotions and the emotions of others. You may compartmentalize or bottle up your sadness or anger because letting it out feels scary and threatening. You may brood and strew on your emotions for so long that you end up erupting and lashing out at your partner or your children over something that feels minor. 

I help you learn how to recognize and identify your feelings, as well as learn to separate your emotions from your thoughts and behaviors. I help you learn how to use self-compassion to validate yourself and what you are feeling, while also managing the emotion to choose healthy behaviors. These are skills that will not only be useful to you, but that you can also use to raise emotionally healthy children.